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What are loose solitaires?

A single diamond that is cut and polished, and sold without being set on an ornament is called a loose solitaire. This stone can then be cut according to a consumer’s preference and mounted on a jewel of their choice.

While buying diamonds, it may seem like a hassle to buy the stone and the jewel separately. In actuality, it is an advantage for the buyer. This will allow one to see the stone more clearly and maybe even customise it a little before setting it. It is better not to make further cuts to loose solitaires unless they really need it. Stones that have less colour, decent clarity and an excellent cut need not be further cut.

While loose solitaires, also known as loose diamonds, are used in jewellery, they are also bought and kept as they are. Investing in loose diamonds may not be a very popular trend in the diamond industry yet but this trend is now slowly gaining momentum.

Loose diamonds purchased from jewellers who assure you of a good resale value can be very beneficial for investing in. 

Loose solitaires also help diamond graders to examine the stones well before they can be passed on forward. Stones that are already mounted on jewellery could be a little difficult to study since a greater part of it is covered with metal.