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Buy Kids’ Jewellery Online at eJOHRI

Kids’ jewellery is traditionally gifted at the birth of a new child to celebrate the occasion. Silver utensils are used for feeding babies because of their benefits, and lots of other jewellery items are given to the child as tokens of love. At eJOHRI you can find a collection of baby jewellery for ceremonial occasions and even artefacts that can be gifted and cherished as mementoes for years. Most often, it is gold jewellery and diamond jewellery that is gifted to kids. Now you can buy kids’ jewellery online conveniently from home. Our jewellery collection for babies is great for all occasions.

Baby Jewellery: Rings and Pendants

We offer cute kids’ jewellery online. Our cute and beautifully made teddy bear and hello kitty pendants in 22kt gold for all little kids to wear to parties and weddings. Traditional gold rings in floral designs and textured patterns are the best gifting options.

Baby Jewellery: Bracelets and Bangles

Apart from the traditional black and gold beaded bracelet, we also have a variety of plain gold link bracelets that are engraved to add to our collection of kids’ jewellery online. To make them, you can pick up our gold anklets for all little babies who are just starting to crawl. Adjustable gold bangles with diamond-studded in beautiful 22kt gold. Kadas with colourful designs set in gold

Baby Jewellery: Artifacts

Apart from baby jewellery, artefacts and silver jewellery are also very commonly presented to kids as gifts on occasions like their birthdays. Silver jewellery, plates and artefacts are given to kids as silver is non-toxic, anti-bacterial and it boosts immunity in children. It is considered a token of love. Our collection of artefacts and utensils is for every child. Our mickey mouse dinner set with a plate, glass, bowl spoon and fork all embossed and shaped like mickey is perfect for all your kids’ meals. We even have piggy banks, mugs and feeding bottles in silver 925 for your baby.

Baby Jewellery Online at eJOHRI

When you buy kids’ jewellery online at eJOHRI, you get a wide price range and a huge variety of jewellery for kids. In the Indian culture, it is very common to give newborn jewellery as a gift to a child in the family or for your own baby. When you purchase charms for kids, it is very quick and convenient for you. All you need to do it choose your favourite jewels and we deliver it to your doorstep within 14 working days. As per customs also, this is a safe and comfortable way to celebrate the birthday or the birth of a new child in your house. You do not have to worry at all because you can also return the products in case you do not like them or have any other issues. We do not ask you for any reason for the same. We believe that you should get the jewellery that you want without any stress. Once the return is approved, you receive a full refund in your account.

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