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Kundan is a form of jewellery design which has been a part of India’s rich cultural heritage. It is said to have originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and its splendour is visible in its design. The word ‘Kundan’ itself means ‘highly refined gold’, and you can see the pure dazzle of the gold used in this traditional design. Kundan jewellery designs involve precious gemstones which are set using gold foil, added between the stone and its mount. The process of crafting and creating this kind of ornament is extremely vivid and colourful, as well. While earlier, Kundan jewellery designs would be of a heavier weight, modern usage has led to the creation of lighter ornaments. Here, you will find Kundan designs that are a perfect fit for you.

Traditional Kundan Jewellery Designs

With us, you will find beautiful Kundan designs, perfect for traditional affairs like weddings or festivals. This ancient form of ornamental style is particularly popular as bridal gold jewellery, and gives the bride a royal aura. Gold Kundan maang tikka, complete with precious stones like pearls and diamonds, designed in lovely floral motifs can make the bride’s wedding day even more special. We carry stunningly elaborate chokers and necklace sets, studded with a variety of gemstones, and crafted to perfection. It also showcases antique Kundan necklace sets, with accompanying Kundan earrings. When you shop for Kundan jewellery online, you can be rest assured that your wedding jewels will shine the brightest.

Modern Kundan Jewellery Designs

With changing times, jewellery has also evolved to meet the needs of the modern woman. Here, not only will you find more classic pieces of Kundan jewellery, but also beautiful contemporary pieces. These pieces are designed to be lightweight, so you can wear them in slightly more casual settings like parties or smaller functions. Our jewellery designs give the classic style a fresh twist and incorporates some newer designs. At eJOHRI, you will find the classic necklace turned to a stunning open necklace with floral patterns and pearls. You will also find slim mangalsutras, elegantly set in Kundan, which you can wear quite often with ease. We know how to adapt a traditional style to suit your more modern aesthetic.

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When it comes to Kundan, you can’t go wrong with us. With a huge collection of gold and silver jewellery, you can peruse and select a piece that’s unique to you. Not only that but here you’ll find ornaments you won’t see elsewhere. And to top it all off, you can browse and make a choice from the comfort of your own home, with just your computer or phone. We have a watertight online payment service, which is extremely safe and secure. Their customer service is also beyond excellence, and always ready to assist you. When you buy Kundan jewellery online with us, you can be rest assured about the quality. With your purchases, you will receive an assurance that you are purchasing hallmarked gold and certified diamond products. We also offer cash on delivery service for purchases worth more than INR 20,000. eJOHRI makes shopping for jewels a pleasant and memorable experience for you.

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