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Gold is considered to be one of the most precious metals around the world. It’s unique shine and dazzle has allowed it to be used in jewellery making since the ancient era. Not only has this precious metal been used to craft ornaments, but women, especially in India, place heavy importance on jewellery. Whether it is during wedding ceremonies or on special festival days, this jewellery features prominently. We know the significance of this precious metal, and this is clearly visible when you buy gold jewellery online with them.

Traditional gold jewellery designs:

Our gold jewellery collection showcases the most brilliant, classic gold jewellery designs. These ornaments are such an integral part of the bridal trousseau, especially given to a bride as ‘stri dhan’. Recognising this, we carry stunning heavier pieces of gold jewellery design. Here, you’ll find elegant and antique necklace designs, with layers of gemstones, set in pure or 22k gold, fit for royalty. These necklaces are crafted to perfection, and come in various designs, whether they are studded with the finest diamonds or adorned with other precious stones. The gold jewellery design of these necklaces is aesthetically grand, with floral motifs and cut-outs. You can also opt for a statement piece like a tiered choker, with matching earrings, to add that grandeur on your wedding day. You’ll also find stunning rings that are intricately crafted and designed, to make your ring ceremony special. Apart from this, we also house bracelets and ‘kadas’ that can shine on a bride’s wrist. These bracelets are thick, decorated with colourful stones, or with lovely imagery of flowers or peacocks. You can buy gold jewellery online, in traditional designs, and shine like never before.

Modern gold jewellery designs:

With the onset of modern times, gold jewellery designs have also evolved. When you buy gold jewellery, you can find plain gold jewellery designs that are perfect for a modern woman. You’ll find chains, that are slim and elegant and can be worn as they are, or teamed with delicate and lustrous pendants. These pieces of jewellery are designed such that they can be worn in a professional setting, as they blend in with your work wardrobe. We also carry mangalsutras in various designs and lengths. You can wear these gold jewellery designs on a daily basis, and feel at utmost ease. And if you’re looking for contemporary pieces to spruce up your outfit at parties or functions, then you’ll find such gold jewellery designs. These pieces are created by putting a fresh spin on more classic gold jewellery designs, with geometric patterns and stylish cut-outs. At eJOHRI, when you buy gold jewellery, you will find something that is perfect for you.

Buy Gold Jewellery Online at eJOHRI

If you’re looking to buy gold jewellery online, then eJOHRI is a perfect choice. We host a vast collection of gold and silver jewellery. Besides, when you buy gold jewellery online, you can do so without leaving the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks. Also, we provide certified diamonds and hallmarked jewellery, so you can be rest assured that you’re purchasing pieces of the highest quality when you buy gold jewellery online. They also offer other additional services like their Try and Purchase feature, which allows you to try a piece at the nearest jewellery store after you’ve made a choice online. You can also buy gold jewellery online with eJOHRI, and avail of their cash on delivery service if your purchases are over INR 20,000. Online shopping for jewels, for weddings and other functions, has never been easier.

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