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Gemstone Jewellery Online at eJOHRI

eJOHRI’s gemstone jewellery online is made to impress. Our intricately crafted collection is sure to make you the talk of the town with their captivating charm. These stones are believed to promote healing, love, protection, and luck to the ones who adorn them. In history, they are dated back to 1600 BC. Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians are believed to have used these stones because of their metaphysical powers. The first amulet made of gemstones appeared in 500 BC.

Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online: Bedazzling Necklaces

Gemstone necklaces with diamonds are a pair made in heaven, and they are the best part of gold jewellery. We have opulent necklaces with rubies and sapphires that will be perfect for your next family wedding. They are the best choice for silk sarees with brocades and add oodles of colour to your ensemble. Pair eJOHRI’s dazzling gemstone necklaces with our Jhumkas for a sweet traditional look. For casual occasions and family dinner parties, you can opt for lighter but equally colourful and charming chains. Our multi-layered chains can be paired with some cluster earrings to spice up simple everyday jeans and white shirt or cotton kurta to make you look no less than a model.

Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online: Alluring Cocktail Rings

Flaunt our unique cocktail rings inspired by the beauty of nature at your next family get together. We strive to cater to every occasion. So, whether you like extravagant floral designs with chunky gemstones as a statement piece or thin eternity bands with rubies and diamonds, you will find it all in our collection. These rings can add a much-needed splash of colour to your everyday outfits. Elite rings in different designs with emeralds and different coloured stones are fit to adorn your fingers every day. Our rings are available in different finishes, gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum.

Gemstone Jewellery Online: Pretty Bracelets

Gemstones look impressive in gold and silver jewellery. Our bracelets are all versatile pieces that can elevate your everyday churidar kurtas or even your elegant workwear outfits. You can opt for our bracelets for casual wear and our gemstone bangles when you want to fill out your wrists a little more than usual. Our collection has different stones like pearl, synthetic coloured stones, emeralds, rubies and more. Pair our bangles and bracelets with our bracelet rings to keep up with the trendy hand jewellery looks.

Gemstone Jewellery Designs at eJOHRI

Here, you can also make your selection based on your birthstone to add a personal touch to your pieces. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and more, studded with royal rubies, stunning sapphires, enchanting emeralds and piercing pearls, among others, to match your shine. We have unique gemstone jewellery designs. Shopping with us, enables you to shop for enticing pieces from the convenience and safety of your home. You can also book an appointment at your nearest store if you wish to see and try the pieces that you choose on eJOHRI in person. This saves your time and ensures that you are always safe without compromising on your shopping.

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