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Toe Ring Designs at eJOHRI

Toe rings have been at the centre of India’s glorious past and rich cultural heritage. They’ve featured prominently in Indian history and are an ornament that’s of immense value. Women across the diversity of India consider them to be a part of their jewellery collection.

Toe Ring Designs for Brides

The toe ring is a vital jewel in the bridal trousseau and is said to have several Ayurvedic benefits for women. When it comes to Indian traditions, women wear the toe ring in pairs, and on the second toe of the feet. At eJOHRI you will find ‘bichiyas’, classically designed as silver jewellery, with ornate work and dazzling gemstones. They also present elegant toe ring designs for Muslim women and also a beautiful selection of Mettis, which are designs from Tamil Nadu. At eJOHRI, the toe ring is presented according to the reverence it holds in different cultures.

Modern toe ring designs

With changing times, the toe ring is also worn by unmarried girls. eJOHRI also strives to evolve its designs for the modern woman, keeping its traditions alive. At eJOHRI, you will find the latest toe ring designs with elegant and contemporary twists. You can select a toe ring from a variety of delicate and simple bands. These bands are slim and adorned with a small ornament or gem. They are designed keeping the needs of professional women in mind. You can also find larger pieces made of silver, with colourful stones and beads. These pieces can add a spark to any outfit and can be a part of your style statement. eJOHRI houses brands of various styles, to ensure that you always find a piece that is unique to you.

Buy a Toe Ring Online at eJOHRI

When it comes to selecting the perfect toe ring for your special day, you cannot go wrong with eJOHRI. At eJOHRI, you can buy a toe ring online with such ease and comfort, without leaving your home. With just a few clicks, you’ve purchased a beautiful pair of well-crafted bands. eJOHRI also offers a plethora of toe ring designs, based on style or cultural symbolism. Their online collection is truly inclusive and functional. Not only that, but eJOHRI also has an extremely secure payment facility and excellent customer service. When you online shop at eJOHRI, you are provided with pertinent information like price and quality checks, so you can make the perfect choice. Ejohri also has a return policy for 7 days, and offers hallmarked gold and certified diamond products.

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