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Diamond Solitaire Rings

Solitaire diamonds are the safest way to win a woman’s heart and now even a man’s! At eJOHRI you will find endless options of diamond solitaire ring designs for your wedding or engagement. The diamond solitaire rings that we offer are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. You can pass down these magnificent beauties down generations to keep the love alive.

Solitaire jewellery has long been adored and used to symbolise commitment and love. Our collection will allow you to express your love towards your partner in the most unique and loving way. Our solitaire ring designs range from twenty thousand to nine lakhs so you can always find something in your price range.

Sleek diamond solitaire rings online

A single twirl or a plait ring looks elegant sleek and absolutely stunning. The twirls frame the centre stone wonderfully elevating its beauty. If a simple yet mesmerising diamond solitaire ring design is what you are looking for, then these pieces are the way to go. Insert rings are all the trend right now. These sets are very versatile as you can wear one ring alone or pair it with the bigger one to hype up the look. A simple braided solitaire ring design looks unique and complements any outfit with a touch of royal design.

We also offer a variety of rings for men. Wedding bands are usually preferred by men because they are sober and can be worn on a daily basis. Choose from a variety of eternity bands with a precious stone to keep it classy for your man. They also come in various finishes like white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Grandiose diamond solitaire rings online

Ring designs with intricate designs and multiple diamonds framing the main rock. Heart halos and ribboned solitaire rings are the perfect grand bit still not over the top designs that you can consider for your wedding ring. A cut-out design also adds to the look of the ring and gives it a different effect.

Buy Solitaire Ring Design Online at eJOHRI

At eJOHRI you can easily buy solitaire ring design online our selection includes many beautiful rings that you can order. This makes it very convenient for you to shop for jewellery. Online jewellery shopping enables you to choose from a wider variety at great prices. You also have the option of returning the products and getting a full refund. This refund is deposited directly into your account once the jeweller checks the product for any tampering and usage. So, you can shop stress free and be rest assured that the diamond rings and gold rings you receive are genuine. If you want to check the look of the items in person, you can also schedule an appointment and safely see the jewellery that you choose at your nearest jeweller.

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