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Designs of Pendants Online

Every woman’s dream when she enters the room is to look the best, make heads turn and simply, stand out. eJOHRI presents to you jewellery that holds in its essence three things, elegance, traditions, and innovation. Our range of designs of pendants vary in sizes and even more in designs. These little pieces of jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum, and some with gemstones too, set you apart from a crowd with a sparkle as bright as the stars radiating from your neck. Buy a pendant online at eJOHRI as there is one out there for every woman! Perfect for grand events like, weddings and engagements and smaller functions like, dinners. From traditional gold designs of pendants to the more contemporary style with diamonds, you will fund whatever fits your style when pendant shopping online at eJOHRI. Here are some of the pendant designs that you might fancy.

Gold Pendants: For the grand events

There’s something about gold that will never age. It’s shine, its purity, its elegance stays the same across all time periods and beyond all fashion trends. Keeping that in mind, as part of our gold jewellery collection, we bring to you stunning designs of pendants that dazzle in gold to captivate your hearts.

Diamond Pendants: For those priceless moments

If you’re looking to buy pendants online, why not consider the choice of class, the antiquity of brilliance? Check our alphabet jewellery design collection to find yourself a locket symbolic of the name that’s close to your heart. These designs of pendants bear diamonds of your choice making it a perfect gift choice for your loved one.

Gemstone Pendants: For the classy

Our gemstone pendants are an exceptional purchase for a party wear jewellery set. If you have a thing for colours, if bright rainbows are beautiful to you, then these are the designs of pendants for you. These precious stone accessories have an attitude of their own and bring out the classy side you have. Gift these to your mother on her birthday, anniversary or even Mother’s Day, and you are sure to have a happy mother!

An Exquisite Range of Designs of Pendants at eJOHRI

These categories just etch the surface of our collection. We have designs of pendants in solitaire, platinum, polki pendants and much more. Wanting to buy pendants online has never been as easy with the sheer amount of offers and verities we provide. From silver jewellery to gold and diamond, everything we bring to you is certified. Dealing with 185 jeweller partners, we offer a marketplace, so you do not compromise on the quality. We strive to give you the decor that you deserve and are worthy of to enhance your special moments further. This allows us to bring you designs of pendants that you could not find elsewhere. So, if you are looking to buy pendants online, eJOHRI is the place to come to.

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