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Nose Ring Designs at eJOHRI

The nose ring has been embedded in the rich history and heritage of India. Culturally this ornament has been worn in India since time immemorial and is a very significant piece of jewellery. This ornament features heavily in a woman’s jewellery collection. eJOHRI understands its value and offers a grand collection to suit every woman’s need.

Nose ring designs for brides:

The ornament became a symbol of a woman’s marital status. While nose ring designs have evolved over time, its importance in a bridal trousseau remains unchanged. At eJOHRI you’ll find nose pin designs significant for different cultures across India. eJOHRI houses classic nose ring designs like the traditional ‘nath’, crafted as gold jewellery and embellished with gemstones and diamonds. They also stock Maharashtrian nose pin designs, known as the ‘guchhedar nath’, with its unique patterns and colourful beads. eJOHRI also carries nose ring designs wherein the ornament is connected to the earrings through an intricate chain.

Contemporary nose pin designs:

Today, the nose stud has become an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, whether they are married or not. eJOHRI recognises the beauty of this ornament and showcases several contemporary nose ring designs, for everyday use. They carry simple gold hoops with small diamonds or beads that seamlessly fit into a professional woman’s wardrobe. eJOHRI also offers elegant and dainty nose studs which can be worn around the house, with the utmost ease. The floral or geometric patterns of these nose studs can spruce up any look. At eJOHRI, you’ll find nose ring designs that will be a perfect fit for your aesthetic, and add to your gold, silver or diamond jewellery collection.

Buy a Nose Pin Online with eJOHRI

At eJOHRI, the beauty and wedding day of women from every part and culture of India is of utmost importance. You can find a plethora of nose ring designs, be it simple or intricate. They also have contemporary nose pin designs, in silver and gold, with precious stones and even have a wide range of stylish nose studs. When you shop for a nose ring online at eJOHRI, you can pick the perfect piece from the comfort of your home. You can peruse a wide range of nose pin designs and find something completely unique from its huge and inclusive collection of over 13,000 products designs. Purchasing a nose ring online with eJOHRI allows you to look at styles which you would not find at other portals. You can also avail of their ‘try and buy’ facility. Once you’ve selected a piece online, you can make an appointment to visit your nearest jewellery store to try the piece before you make the payment. Also, when you purchase a nose pin online with eJOHRI, you are granted access to pertinent information like the price, quality and other details. eJOHRI’s payment facility is highly secure, and they provide excellent customer service. eJOHRI ensures that when you buy a nose ring online, your experience is of pleasurable and convenient.

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