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Jewellery plays an important role in a woman’s life. Not only is it a way to extenuate any look, but it also serves to express yourself. In India, women wear jewellery as a symbol of deep relationships with others, themselves and even with their faith. One such ornaments, which features heavily in any woman’s jewellery box is the necklace. These ornaments adorn women’s necks in grace and style and have been doing so since ancient times. While earlier these ornaments were made out of flowers and shells, precious metals soon took over. Out of all the metals, gold is one with not only an incomparable lustre but also an important place in the diverse cultures of India. Gold necklaces are worn on several occasions, be it a grand wedding celebration, as bridal jewellery, or even on a daily basis at home or work. eJOHRI recognises the many needs of women and has a vast collection of silver and gold jewellery to browse through. With them, you’ll find gold necklace designs for all the events of your life. Here you’ll also find gold necklace designs in various carat sizes, be it 14, 18, 22 or 23kt.

Traditional Gold Necklace Designs:

When you’re shopping with them, you’ll find necklaces made keeping the traditional aspects in mind. These necklaces are made from the most dazzling yellow gold and have a wondrous shine to them. While some of them are single-chained, with drops of gold in elegant motifs, others are chokers studded with diamonds and other gemstones. You can also find more ceremonial necklaces with multiple chains and heavy gold pendants. These chains are thicker and will make you stand out in any event. The pendants are also intricately crafted, carved in floral motifs, or images of birds, swirls and traditional patterns. Not only that, but some pieces also come with filigree work and tassels to add more pizazz. They are stunningly embossed or enamelled for a textured or glossy look. You’ll also find necklaces sets, which consist of a necklace and also a matching pair of tasteful earrings. These gold jewellery designs will elevate your look, whether at a wedding, or any other fancy function.

Modern Gold Necklace Designs:

When it comes to contemporary necklaces, you can find all types of necklaces with them, whether you’re looking for something in plain gold, or studded with diamonds and other gems. You’ll find pieces that are created to add extra glitz and glamour to your look. These necklaces are crafted in modern patterns, giving a fresh spin on the classic models. They come in interesting shapes, with magnificent cut-outs. Not only are they decorated with stunning motifs, but also have geometric patterns and structure. These statement necklaces will go perfectly at grand functions and can even be worn with western wear. For pieces that go with your work wardrobe or even on a daily basis, you can opt for a more elegant design. With slim gold chains adorned with delicate pendants, you will be able to add that touch of sophistication to your outfits.

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If you’re trying to buy gold necklace online, then eJOHRI is a perfect choice. They have a huge gold and silver jewellery collection, and you can select pieces 24 x 7. Besides, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, with just a few clicks. They also carry rare pieces that you won’t be able to find at other outlets. When you buy a gold necklace online with them, you can be rest assured about transactional safety. Their payment portal is extremely secure, and they also have great customer service, always ready to assist you. If you buy a gold necklace online with them, you can also take advantage of their additional service, like free shipping. They also provide cash on delivery for orders over INR 20,000. Their pieces are hallmarked and certified so you can rest easy knowing you’ve bought jewels of the highest quality.

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