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A mangalsutra is not simply an ornament adorning a woman’s neck but is a symbol of her married life. These bejewelled necklaces have been a part of India’s rich heritage for centuries and are an integral part of a woman’s wedding in India. The word literally translates to ‘auspicious thread’ and for a woman it signifies her husband’s well-being and a token of their love.

However, mangalsutras are generally worn by women daily and an essential part of their everyday lives. So, while it is tempting to adhere to heavy ornamental designs, mangalsutra designs must suit a woman’s everyday needs. eJOHRI recognises these needs and has developed mangalsutra designs that are not only elegant and ornate, but also feasible for everyday use.

At eJOHRI you can browse through a plethora of mangalsutra designs, in different shades of gold, and diamonds. The mangalsutra designs range from traditional patterns, which are thick and bold, to a more elegant design, which is slim and sleek. eJOHRI also constructs the mangalsutra designs keeping the length of the thread, which is customisable, in mind. They also present a spectrum of pendants, when you shop for a mangalsutra online, be it a pure gold jewellery statement piece pendant, or fine a gold-plated one.

eJOHRI recognises the importance of a mangalsutra and ensures that their mangalsutra designs are inclusive of all cultures. Be it the Taagpaag of Bihar or the Thaali from Tamil Nadu, eJOHRI has mangalsutra designs for all.

So, peruse eJOHRI’s wide variety of designs and ensure that you purchase a mangalsutra online, which is tailor-made for you. Shopping for a mangalsutra online with eJOHRI ensure that every bride’s wedding day and her everyday are both exceptional.

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For any bride, purchasing this sacred necklace is of utmost importance, as it is the most important piece of bridal jewellery. eJOHRI makes the experience of buying a mangalsutra online pleasurable and convenient for you.

You can browse through the entire collection available on eJOHRI from the comfort of your home. You can carefully select your wedding jewellery for women with just a few clicks! Also, with eJOHRI, you can purchase jewellery specific to your culture, and not restrict yourself to any generic piece. eJOHRI also allows you to access relevant information regarding the jewels you purchase, including price and quality checks, when you buy mangalsutra online.

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