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The maang tikka, a piece of jewellery with a hairpin on one end and an ornament on the other, has been essential for Indian brides on their wedding day. While several of the classic designs have been derived from traditional Indian paintings, sculpture and scriptures, newer jewellery designs are created for the modern woman, as well. Here, you will find exquisite maang tikka designs for every Indian woman. Traditionally, the maang tikka, or matha patti, is an important piece of bridal jewellery. Women across India wear this ornament, be it the round-shaped ‘bor’ of Rajasthan, or the South Indian ‘Papidibilla’. While it is part of the ‘solah sringaar’ in Hindu culture, Muslim women place equal importance on this ornament. Muslim brides tend to wear the piece at the side of their head and call it the ‘jhumar tikka’. We carry all kinds of maang tikka styles, suitable for weddings and other functions. You can find heavy statement pieces, with intricate work at the central piece and filigree at the end. The tikkas come adorned with floral motifs, or studded with diamonds and other precious stones. We showcase the matha patti, is an elaboration of the maang tikka, with two chains acting like bands on either side of the maang tikka, going across the woman’s forehead. The matha patti is also worn as bridal jewellery and can create a royal look making the bride look grand and regal on her special day. We have a matha patti design in every style imaginable, from gold jewellery designs, to ones made in silver. They even carry exquisite pieces of Kundan matha patti to add that extra splendour to your wedding outfit. While traditionally this ornament was worn by brides on their wedding days, with changing times, women wear these even before they are married. We house several contemporary maang tikka designs, especially for such women. These maang tikka designs are more subtle than the bridal pieces. They are more easily wearable but are also extremely well-made and intricate. eJOHRI has modern ornaments with simple single strings, or even with thicker bands. The maang tikkas are also more delicate and elegant, with beautiful work done in gold and with added filigree. The designs are more contemporary with modern motifs and structure.

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