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Earth has blessed us with several precious stones like diamonds, emerald pannas, yellow sapphires and much more. One such gemstone is the red coloured ruby stone. The ruby stone gets its distinct red colour due to the presence of the element chromium. While the ruby stone has extreme importance in several cultures around the world, it is also relevant to the culture of India. In India it was called the ‘Ratnanayaka’, and hailed as the lord of all coloured gemstones. Nowadays it is also known as the Manik stone. The Manik stone is known for its red colour, and the name ‘ruby’ is also derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means ‘red’. This red is said to be a symbol of affectionate feelings like powerful love and is considered to be a romantic stone. Apart from this, the ruby stone also has several mystical and healing properties which make it a favourite amongst people who are concerned about their well-being. According to Vedic astrology, it is closely associated with the sun, and wearing ruby stones is supposed to nourish and enhance physical as well as mental health. Physically, the ruby stone is supposed to stimulate the heart chakra and bless you with vitality and energy. This stone is said to be beneficial for your heart health and other vital organs. When it comes to emotional stability, ruby stones can increase your motivation and help you set and achieve your goals. The Manik stone can really bring peace to your life and is believed to strengthen relationships and reduce conflicts between loved ones, as well. Traditionally, India was believed to be the home of some of the finest Manik stones. However, these days the Burmese ruby is considered to be of the highest quality and can be as valuable as diamonds. While these kinds of natural rubies are rare and priceless, you can also purchase synthetic Manik stones. These are used for affordable jewellery pieces and even work as astrological rubies. You will be able to buy stunning natural Manik stones, in all kinds of cuts and of the top-notch clarity. The Manik stones at eJOHRI are of the highest gem quality and will add elegance and regality to any piece of jewellery.

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If you’re looking to buy ruby online, then you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. Here, you can purchase Manik stones after seeing the price per carat and then making a selection. You can also shop for a ruby stone online 24x7, from the comfort of your own home. They have a vast collection of silver and gold jewellery, along with precious gemstones, so you can find a piece that is perfect for you. Apart from this, when you buy ruby online, you can be assured of the quality because all their products are hallmarked and certified. Online jewellery shopping is made safe with eJOHRI due to their secure payment portal and amazing customer service. When you buy a ruby stone online, you can also avail of services like free shipping and even cash on delivery for purchases over INR 20,000.

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