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Emerald stones, also known as emerald panna or simply panna are a form of gemstones that have been famous since around 1500 BC. The legendary ruler of Egypt, Queen Cleopatara, was particularly fascinated by the majestic appeal of these divinely coloured gemstones. These cannot be mistaken for anything else. They have a distinct, lush, pure, and deep green colour to them. This is due to the chromium present in them, which makes them appear as though they have been plucked straight from nature. Emerald gemstones have a sense of awe about them, and this certainly befits their reputation of being associated with astrology and sorcery since ancient times. Since the rise of gemstone jewellery, we are proud to present to you a wide range of emerald gemstones that you can choose from. Be it a western wedding dress or an Indian ghagra choli; you can wear emerald stones with them all to look a step above your usual. From natural ones to synthetic pieces, you will find a variety of options to pick the right piece that suits you the most from eJOHRI. Here are some of the emerald stone variants that you will find yourself attracted to on our platform.

Colombian Emeralds

Considered to be the finest of the lot, these panna stones are known for their bright colour and their superior quality overall. Colombia is globally recognized as the ultimate emerald house, and these are a testimony to that claim.

Brazilian Emeralds

Following the reputation of Colombian emeralds, we now have Brazilian gemstones of the same kind. These valuable artefacts from nature have such richness in their greenery that they will surely make you want to own them.

Zambian Emeralds

These are known worldwide for their deep green hue which carries a blue overtone. These are incredibly bright and are of much value.

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Online Jewellery Shopping saves so much fuss. We cut the time between you visiting a shop and spending extra time to examine each piece manually. At eJOHRI, we offer the luxury of having hundreds of options for you to select your most wanted piece carefully. With over 180 verified brands on our platform, price is not a thing to worry about. For deliveries within India, we also provide a year’s worth of insurance. Offering a perfect blind in a balance between what’s rooted traditionally in our culture and what’s currently on the trend, eJOHRI provides a timeless collection of classic as well as modern jewellery.

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