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Gemstones have been greatly desired by civilizations all over the world. Their beauty, colour and excellence make them attractive and rare. At eJOHRI, you can buy gemstones online that are certified gems and transform your life with the power that they hold.

Types of Gems at eJOHRI


This bright gemstone imparts courage and boosts the self-esteem of its wearer and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It also improves skin conditions. You can buy gemstones online we offer coral in cone, oval, round, and capsule cut.


Pearls are organic gemstones that have been worn both in the west and the east. Their shimmering finish draws everyone towards them. Be sure to pick them up when you buy gemstones online to bring an emotional balance, self-confidence and create positive energy in your life.


The deep red of this gem can catch your eye from a mile away. The stunning magnificence of the ruby is unparalleled. You will find this in a variety of cuts when you buy gemstones online. It lends fame, virtue, and vigour to its wearer. Wear it in a ring complemented by a halo of diamonds or in a necklace or bracelet; it can uplift any jewellery.


The striking green of an emerald is unmissable. This gem has long drawn the attention of jewellers and wearers alike. Emeralds are available in various cuts but are sure to keep an eye out for the signature emerald cut that looks absolutely ravishing in rings and pendants. Emerald increases creativity and innovation in its wearer, so if you are an artistic person, this gem is for you!


This beautiful vivid purple gemstone is known to can the mind and brings spirituality and inner peace. If you want to buy gemstones online, you can find oval and round cut on our website.

We also have a collection of other stones like hessonite opal, cat’s eye, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, topaz and rudraskh which are known for their powers. Some gems are worn with gold jewellery, and others need to be worn with silver jewellery.

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