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The Finest Earring Designs from eJOHRI

Along with their stunning architectural influence around the world, Persians are known for their undying love for ornaments. Particularly earrings, which they so proudly brought into fashion. Be it a saree, a dress for date night or an evening gown; all stand incomplete without a good pair of earrings to compliment the outfit.

Earrings are like stars in your glamour; they sparkle in splendour to create a beautiful aura. There’s almost nothing online shopping cannot provide, and eJOHRI ensures that a marketplace of brands in the jewellery department is covered as well. So, whether its for yourself or your loved one, why not give this little pair of happiness a chance to add to your sparkle?

When it comes to finding elite designer earrings, eJOHRI is your ultimate marketplace considering the variety of gold jewellery options we bring to you. If you’ve got special occasions lined up, then consider the gold-plated collection we offer before you decide to buy earrings online. We present the latest design of earrings for women so you can always look at your best and walk with confidence. If you’re wondering about what you can find on our site, here are some of the popular choices.

Chandbali Earring Design

These auspicious looking jewels are called for an outing of high relevance. They match up with all outfits and take your style game on level eleven with their flair.


A must-have and timeless piece of jewellery. Jhumkas are delicately hanging beads, known for their sheer elegance and luxurious yet elegant look. A great piece to wear to weddings with a simple sari. Now that’s definitely going to turn some heads.

Stud Earring Design

These are artefacts of the past, relics of how far fashion has come. They’ve stood the test of time and serve as the perfect go-to option when nothing else feels right. They’re also an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Drop Earrings

These could also be interpreted as jaw drop earrings because of the sheer glitter they bring forth. They illuminate the shine of the party they’re worn at and are simply, adorable.

Hoop Earrings

If versatility in an appeal is what you’re going for, then these are the best. As per the attire you choose, their look contributes. They’re always in trend, and they save the day when you’re on the beat.

Our diamond jewellery collection is made of stellar and attractive designs that you must glance at to find the perfect pair of earrings online. Earring designs change from one auspicious moment to the other, and we bring such pairs to you that fit for all traditions and cultures.

Buy Earrings Online at eJOHRI

Earring designs come in a variety of themes and styles depending on what you have on your mind. From the inclusion of specific stones, metals, and even altering the size, you can have a whole new look. All of these are available on our platform. You’ll find a range of earring designs that will satisfy your hunt for the perfect pair.

Shopping for your next big event, at eJOHRI will ensure that your wardrobe is elevated to a higher level than ever before. Your presence will be highlighted. Befitting the occasion, you can find some of the most attractive wedding jewellery collections on our site. If required, you can always gift your loved ones a special piece from our anniversary jewellery collection to make your day, together as a couple, more memorable.

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