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Did you know that the first known gold chains date back up to 75 thousand years ago in ancient Egypt? Few things have stood the test of time for so long, and that makes them a timeless piece of jewellery. The versatile nature of these ornaments makes them the perfect wear for all occasions.

A bride wanting to look her best on her wedding day, or a grand event, chains adjust as per the event, the person wearing it and the outfit it is adorned with. Wearing gold necklaces are symbolically associated with prosperity. Several traditions and religious customs could influence the chain design you wish to get.

Buy Chains Online from eJOHRI

If you wish to buy chains online for an anniversary or a reception, then eJOHRI is the place for you. For whichever function you wish to wear, whoever you wish to gift it, consider the chain design of your choice from eJOHRI.

Courtesy of the wide range of brands available on our platform, finding the right chain design will not be a problem with the massive amount of options. If you think the price is a barrier, then that isn’t a problem. Even with the most elite platinum jewellery collections, you’ll find chain designs of all kinds on our website. Here are some of the many chain design options you will find on eJOHRI.

Gold Ornaments

As part of our gold jewellery collection, you’ll find such majestic gold necklaces with pendants that’ll steal every eye they come across. Simply elegant with its superior shine, these chain designs clear the confusion when shopping for chains online. Wear it as is or with a pendant that has gemstones or diamond on it; either way, it will look beautiful.

Box Ornaments

A chain design that fits daily wear perfectly. Suppose you are looking to buy a chain online that matches your day to day apparel. Go for a more classic chain design or a one that leans towards the bolder side. Find them all in your chain shopping online expedition on eJOHRI.

Beaded Ornaments

These chain designs are for the off-beat wearers. They make good pieces to wear during parties, and they hold an identity of their own.

Long Ornaments

While shopping for chains online, you will find that these are a reviving fashion trend. They’re dear to the hearts of southern Indians, and they’re a cultural statement during auspicious events. Find these and many more at eJOHRI.

From gold to beaded and even platinum ones, you can find it all on eJOHRI. Our platinum collection is such that you can wear such pieces everyday, even while working at home or at the office, it's hassle-free. With us, price should never be your worry or constraint. We have ornaments starting from as low as Rs. 10,000; where you don’t have to compromise on quality as we give you hallmarked jewellery and the best designs.

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