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Bangles have graced women’s wrists since time immemorial, and they’re a piece of jewellery that’s here to stay. While earlier bangles would be made out of natural elements, these days they’re made out of shining precious metals and come in various kinds of designs. For Indian women, gold is an auspicious metal and is worn on momentous occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies and even other important events, to bring good luck and prosperity. Bangles made out of this metal are an absolute essential for many Indian women.

At eJOHRI, we have a vast gold jewellery collection and carry several gold bangle designs, that are perfect for any occasion or event in your life. We have not only traditional and heavier bangle designs for fancier events, but also light and elegant bangles for regular wear. Plus, we offer 22kt gold bangles, which is a caratage of the highest quality.

Buy Traditional Gold Bangle Set Designs Online

At eJOHRI we have gold bangles for women, which are more traditionally designed, for weddings or the accompanying functions. These gold bangles are heavier and ornate, and add a royal aura to your look on that special day. Plus, the bangles are also a perfect addition to any bridal trousseau. Some of the gold bangles are thick and can give the design of a ‘kada’ or a bunch of bangles adorning your wrists. They are made out of the most lustrous gold and are ornately crafted. With intricate designs, floral motifs and ethnic patterns, these gold bangles will light up any ensemble. We also gold bangles have with leaf patterns, and cut-outs, which add uniqueness to your get-up.

Some of these gold bangles are designed with filigree work for a delicate look, while others are more textured and embossed for an air of regality. They’re also embellished and studded with sparkling diamonds and other precious gemstones, which make the gold bangles look stunning. We also have gold bangles that are engraved with beautiful designs steeped in Indian culture, which add that vintage touch to any outfit you wear. And as for the finish; we have bangles with a glossy finish for that shine and also matte finish for a more rustic look. These gold bangles are versatile and will go with all kinds of clothes. Whether you wear these with heavy saris, or an elaborate lehenga choli, or even with a salwar kameez, you will be the centre of attention.

Buy Modern Gold Bangle Sets Designs Online

At eJOHRI, we have a huge collection of gold bangles, which includes a plethora of designs. Especially with evolving times, our designs have also been adapted to suit the needs of a modern Indian woman. You might be a working professional who requires a simpler set of gold bangles that will blend into your work wardrobe, or you might even be on the lookout for wearable designs that you can adorn on a regular basis. At eJOHRI, we’ve got it all.

We have simple gold bangles, either with light engraving and carving, or a slight smattering of diamond and gems for comfort. We also have gold bangle sets that have delicate cut-outs and geometric designs that look very chic and elegant. Not only that, but they’re also very light-weight and can be worn with the utmost ease. These sets of gold bangles are subtle and classy and can be easily incorporated into your work life or even be worn at home.

You also want to look fabulous when you go for outings with your friends, fancy parties or even formal events. For such occasions, we have a collection of gold bangles that’ll not only go with your outfit but also give you that added edge. With unique cut-outs and abstract shapes, these bangles will give you that touch of sophistication. Besides, they are resplendent with glittering diamonds and stunning gemstones, as well. Once you have our gold bangles around your wrists, you’ll shine wherever you go.

Buy Gold Bangles Online at eJOHRI

When it comes to shopping for gold bangles, you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. We’ve got a vast collection of product designs, and carry a wide range of bangle designs. When you shop with us, you can browse through our collection on our website 24 x 7, and also look at antique and modern designs that you won’t find at other retailers.

Your experience with us will also be a safe one because of our extremely secure payment portal and engaging customer service who are always ready to help you. As of quality, all of our gold bangles are hallmarked and certified, so you can be rest assured that you’re purchasing top-notch jewellery. When you buy gold bangles with us, you can also avail of our other services like free shipping and also cash on delivery if your purchase is over INR 20,000.

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