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Bangles have been an integral part of India’s rich culture and heritage since antiquity. The first, and one of the earliest, example of the ornament was the one found on the wrist of a dancing figurine excavated in Mohenjo-Daro, in 2600BC. This piece of jewellery has remained an important item for Indian women. With changing times, perhaps, the bangle designs may have evolved, but it still holds a special place in an Indian woman’s jewellery box. We bring to you a wide range of ornaments.

Traditional Bangle Designs:

This ornament remains an essential piece of gold jewellery for women across India, whether it be a Punjabi ‘kara’, the ‘chudi’ in North India, the ‘bangadi’ in Maharashtra or even the ‘gajina bale’ of Karnataka. This ornament is also embedded in wedding rituals across India, and is worn by married women as a show of her marital status. Keeping these aspects in mind, we have several bangle designs catering to people from all cultures. You will find classic 22k gold pieces, or even gold plated ones, in traditional bangle designs. The bands are crafted in all sizes, and you can select one according to the size of your wrist. You’ll also find several styles of bangle designs, be it gemstone bangles embellished with colourful stones, or sparkling diamond bangles. We also carry bangle designs in Kundan, enamel, and with beautiful floral motifs. With these traditional bangle designs adorning your wrists, you will shine at any wedding or festival.

Modern Bangle Designs:

With changing times, the bangle designs have also evolved. While traditional and classic bangle designs can be worn at weddings or other bigger events, more modern and wearable bangle designs are the need of several women. You will find elegant and simple bands which can be worn in a professional setting or even on a daily basis. These bangle designs are intricate and ornate, but at the same time comfortable to wear, whether at work or even at home. These delicate bangle designs can be seamlessly added to the wardrobe of a working woman, and blend well with western women’s wear, as well. These bangle designs come in lovely geometric patterns with fresh motifs and cut-outs. The slim bands, adorned with small diamonds and stones, also come in sets. These can also be worn on special occasions for a chic look. With eJOHRI’s modern bangle designs, you are bound to find something unique for yourself.

Online Shopping for Bangles at eJOHRI

Online shopping for bangles with us, is a convenient and seamless experience. We have a vast gold and silver jewellery collection, and you can peruse and choose from pieces that aren’t available elsewhere. Not only that, but you can also buy bangles online, with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping for bangles is made easy with us, because of its safe and secure online payment portal and excellent customer service. They also provide hallmarked gold and certified diamonds, so that you know you’re getting the best when you buy bangles online.

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