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Poojas are an essential and integral aspect of Hindu culture. They can be a part of your daily life or even elaborate rituals performed at times. Essentially, the word ‘pooja’ is derived from the Dravidian word ‘pu’, which means ‘flowers’. These divine rituals consist of making offerings of flowers to the gods and connecting with them on a spiritual level. This tradition has been practiced since ancient times and is very much celebrated even today. To make these ceremonies grand and respectful, certain pieces are a much-needed addition. Here, you’ll find several such silver pooja items online, that’ll make your events even more perfect.

Arti Stands:

Of all the ceremonial pieces that are on offer at eJOHRI, one of the most important is the arti stand. You’ll find arti stands in antique silver which will add a special touch to your ceremonies. These stands come in all sizes, be it small, medium or large. With a lovely intricate diya, and an elegant handle to hold it, this stand is the perfect addition to your pooja thali.

Haldi Kumkum artefacts:

Another significant item is a haldi kumkum artefact, to hold your turmeric, vermillion and other holy powders needed during the event. These artefacts are also made from gleaming silver and have exquisite cup designs. They are often topped with bird or flower statuettes, giving the artefact an opulent look. Not only that, but the graceful handles will make these objects stand out at your ceremonies.


An item, without which your ceremony will be incomplete, is the diya. You can opt for simple diya designs that just have a smooth surface. These can be a subtle and elegant addition to your thali. On the other hand, you can also choose statement diya. These diya come in antique silver and have a lot more work done. They are embellished with carved and textured motifs, be it peacocks, lotuses or other flowers. Some might even have an image of a god or goddess, to bless the festivities. If you are shopping for pooja samagri, then you must look for diyas.

Agarbatti Stands and Lotas:

Here, you’ll also find other objects like agarbatti stands. These stands will hold your incense sticks perfectly during the entire ceremony. The agarbatti stands come in various styles, be it a classic design, or a grand one with floral motifs and enamelling. You can also find antique and vintage lotas that will add grandeur to your ceremony. These lotas come in pure or even oxidized silver, for artistic effect. You can purchase many other pooja items online. Not only that, but you can also shop for gift articles, like a Kalash, or even presents for festivals like Diwali or Rakhi gifts when you shop for pooja items online at eJOHRI.

Silver pooja items online at eJOHRI

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