Infringement |


  • eJOHRI is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of its Platform users, Vendor Partners and third parties. Using intellectual property, such as copyrighted material and/or trademarks, whether registered or pending registration or whether registrable or not, in an unlawful and unauthorised manner, shall constitute infringement, which is against the law and eJOHRI principles.
  • As a vendor/seller, the Vendor Partner shall be ultimately responsible and liable for the legality of any Product he/she/it offers for sale on the Platform and for the listing describing that Product. If any of Vendor Partner’s Products or listing violates this Policy or is reported to eJOHRI by any Platform user or a third party as violating their rights, including intellectual property rights, such listing shall be removed from the Platform by eJOHRI as per eJOHRI’s discretion. Further, eJOHRI reserves the right to investigate such alleged infringement and the Vendor Partner hereby agrees to cooperate with eJOHRI and render such assistance as eJOHRI may require.