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Today's 24 carat gold rate in India

There’s no truer statement than ‘gold is good.’ 24 KT gold is a precious asset and a great investment for all types of investors. 24 carat gold price today fluctuates often, and so you’ll see the pricesgo up and down by a few units everyday. The 24 carat gold Indian rate varies due to factors such as current strength of the US dollar, seasonal demand, transportation, and other factors.

The today gold rate of 24 carat gold per gram is ₹

The price of 24 carat gold tends to differ from city to city due to several reasons. This could be due to transportation costs, state taxes and several other factors. However, eJOHRI offers a standard gold rate across cities.

24 carat gold pricein 2021

As compared to last year, the 24 carat Indian gold price is more or less stable in 2021. There have been a few ups and downs, but the rate hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the year. Here are the prices of 24 carat goldin the months of 2021:

24 carat gold Indian rate in 2021 in INR
Month Highest price (per 1 gram) Lowest price (per 1 gram)
January 2022 5092 4858
December 2021 5169 4875
November 2021 5245 5027
October 2021 5099 4860
September 2021 5066 4875
August 2021 5091 4898
July 2021 5130 4954
June 2021 5223 4963
May 2021 5184 4956
April 2021 5061 4684

Note: These prices do not include GST

916 Gold Rate in 2021

Now that we have seen the 24 caratgold price today, we take a look at the 916 gold rate. Note that 916 gold is basically 22 KT gold. That means its 91.6% pure as compared to 24 carat gold which is 99.9% pure. As a result, 22 KT gold is less expensive that 24 KT gold. Like the 24 carat Indian gold price, the 916 gold rate could fluctuate due to international gold prices, applicable taxes, etc. Here are the recent prices:

22 carat gold Indian rate in 2021 in INR
Month Highest price (per 1 gram) Lowest price (per 1 gram)
January 2022 4668 4453
December 2021 4738 4469
November 2021 4808 4608
October 2021 4674 4455
September 2021 4643 4469
August 2021 4667 4490
July 2021 4702 4541
June 2021 4788 4549
May 2021 4752 4543
April 2021 4640 4293

Factors affecting today's 24 carat gold prices in India

There will always be changes in the24 carat gold price today and that’s because a number of factors drive these prices.

  • - Inflation: When inflation increases, the currency value goes down, so people start buying gold to hedge potential losses. This leads to a rise in the 24 carat gold price today.
  • - Government gold reserves: This is gold held by the government. If RBI starts to buy more than it sells, the rate increases due to insufficient gold supply.
  • - Rupee value: A stronger dollar can make the rupee value fall and the gold price can skyrocket.
  • - Monsoon: A good rainy season leads to a good harvest. The money earned is invested in gold which can be used to hedge losses. This increased demand could lead to a rise in gold prices.

Why does the 24 caratgold rate vary across different cities in India

If the today gold rate of 24 carat increases, it may not rise evenly across India. It would be super high for some cities and grow moderately in another. Some of the reasons why the 24 carat gold price today might change include:

Transportation costs:When24 carat goldhas to be transported from place to place, rises in fuel prices and other transportation costs could lead to a spike in gold prices.

Local taxes: Another reason for uneven 24 karat gold price is that tax rates differ from state to state. Some put higher taxes on gold than others.

Quantity of gold purchased: If a lot of people buy the metal in large quantities the 24 karat gold rate todayis sure to drop. So, in metros, where gold is sold and bought more often, the prices are lower.

However, note that eJOHRI offers a standard gold rate across all cities in India.

What are the various 24 carat gold options available to buyers in India

In 2021, gold buyers are incredibly lucky as they have a lot of different ways to invest in gold and get quick returns. Gold coins and bars are one of the most convenient investment options. All you have to do is contact your local jeweller.They are easy to store and are pure. Additionally, the global gold ETF inflows have increased recently, which means more people are investing in ETFs. The gold exchange tradedfund is a type of mutual fund which invests in gold. So, if the price of gold increases, the more you earn. Another investment option is to buy and sell gold through exchanges like NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchanges,) NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited,) etc. Finally, you can directly invest in gold loan companies, as the gold loan company shares are soaring in 2021 especially after the pandemic.

Difference Between 22 Karat & 24 Karat Gold

A lot of people get confused between 22 KT and 24 KT gold. Here’s a table that shows the differences between the two.


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