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Today'sprice of 22 caratgoldin India

Many people in India treasure gold and buy ornaments occasionally. The importance of gold is so ingrained in our culture, that we have a phrase for it: “Gold is good.” Many investors even buy and sell gold to make a profit. Before you buy gold, you must know the gold price of 22 carat gold today.

Today’s price of 22 carat gold per gram is ₹

If you know the price of gold per gram, you can easily calculate the total price you’ll have to pay on the total grammage of your ornament.

Today’s price of 22 carat gold is generally not the same across cities. This could be due to factors such as transportation costs, the quality of harvest, local gold associations, state taxes, demand and supply, and other reasons. However, eJOHRI has a fixed gold rate, which is applicable across cities.

22 carat gold rate in India for the last 10 days

Knowing the price of 22 carat gold today isn’t enough. To fully understand the market trends, you should study the price over a period of time. This gives you an idea of where the price is heading next.

22 carat Indian gold price for the last 10 days
Date Price for 1 g Price for 8g Price for 1 tola (10g)
Monday, 17 January 4654 37232 46540
Saturday, 15 January 4496 35968 44960
Friday, 14 January 4496 35968 44960
Thursday, 13 January 4487 35896 44870
Wednesday, 12 January 4463 35704 44630
Tuesday, 11 January 4455 35640 44550
Monday, 10 January 4607 36856 46070
Saturday, 08 January 4453 35624 44530
Friday, 07 January 4470 35760 44700

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from various sources for educational purposes, and this platform is not liable for damages arising basedon the information.

Trend of 22 carat gold rate in India for the last 10 days

By spotting the above table, you’ll realize that today’s price of 22 carat gold is falling quickly. This is because the prices of gold had reached their peak during May 2021. When lockdowns were introduced in many cities during April and May, gold price spiked due to fears of an economic slowdown. More and more people started buying gold so that they could get a valuable commodity which they could sell later if they needed money in tough times. Fortunately, most regions have eased restrictions and increased trade, which is slowly leading to financial stability. The drop in gold prices in Indiaare a result of this optimism and hence, we see falling prices for the past 10 days. Some experts believe that the prices can skyrocket again due to the fears of a third wave.

How is today’s Indian gold rate determined?

Today’s price of 22 carat gold is influenced by things like demand, supply, the behaviour of investors, changes in the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India) index, global market, and more. As India imports most of its gold, a 10% import duty is added to the metal. If you’re buying gold jewellery, it will be expensive as multiple charges are added to the base charge of the metal. The final price of your ornaments will be equal to thetoday’s rate of 22 carat gold multiplied with the weight, plus the jeweller’s making charges, plus 5% GST (good and services tax) on making charges and VAT (value added tax.) We suggest that you contact your local jewellerto learn more about how today's price of 22 carat gold is determined.

Today's price of 22 caratgoldis very tricky to predict because it's volatile. This is because there are many factors that influence the price of this yellow metal.

  • - Inflation: When inflation is high around the world, investors want more gold so that they can hedge their losses due to a weakening currency. The increase in demand makes gold more expensive.
  • - Trends in interest rate:Today’s Indian gold rateindicates the state of interest rates in the country. If the interest rate among banks increases, customers would want to sell gold to get cash instead of taking a normal loan. This leads to an increase in supply, thereby reducing the today’s price of 22 carat gold. Lower interest rates mean more people can buy gold as they have more money in hand.
  • - Gold reserves: Most countries' central banks hold currency and gold. Suppose banks in India start acquiring more gold, the rate increases. This is due to the fact that the cash flow in the market increases and the gold supply depletes.
  • - Value of rupee: If India’s currency weakens, the price of gold increases as investors consider gold a safe investment. Hence, a stronger dollar can increase today’s 22 carat Indian gold rate.
  • - Seasons and holidays: Interestingly, the demand for gold as well as the price increases during wedding seasons and Diwali as many families want to buy golden 22 carat jewellery as gifts. Also, during good monsoons, the crop harvest increases, and farmers earn more. This makes them buy gold after a great harvest, leading to a high today 22k gold price.


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