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18 carat gold rate in India

Theprice of goldchanges everyday. If you’re an investor and want to buy gold, or even if you want to take a loan against your gold ornaments, you’ll have to be aware of gold prices on any given day.

Today’s price of 18 carat gold per gram is

18 KT gold rates vary from region to region due to transportation, monsoon, and other reasons. However, eJOHRI offers a standard gold price across cities.

18 carat gold rate for last 10 days

The price of 18 carat gold per gram has been closely tied to 24 KT gold as it is derived from the latter’s price. After a sharp rise in rates due to the pandemic, the cost of 18 KT gold is slowly declining as a few regions in India have eased lockdown restrictions and increased commercial trade. In turn, this has reduced the reliance on gold as a hedge against losses.If the trend reverse due to another wave of the pandemic, we will likely see a rise in gold prices again.

18 karat gold prices for the last 10 days
Date 18 carat gold ratefor 1 g
Tuesday, 18 January 3689
Monday, 17 January 3808
Saturday, 15 January 3679
Friday, 14 January 3679
Thursday, 13 January 3671
Wednesday, 12 January 3652
Tuesday, 11 January 3645
Monday, 10 January 3769
Saturday, 08 January 3643

Difference between 18KT, 22KT, 24KT gold

If you’re looking to invest in gold, but are not sure what option is the best for you, this table will highlight all the differences between various types of gold.

18 KT gold 22 KT gold 24 KT gold
Durability Hardest and most ductile form of gold due to the presence of metal alloys. Moderately durable and hard. Very soft and brittle and can be dented or broken easily.
Colour Green, white, yellow, and rose. White, yellow, and rose. Bright yellow.
Usage Used to create bracelets, watches, and other jewellery. Available in gold coins and jewellery form. You can get 24 kt gold bars and coins. It is also used in medical equipment.
Cost It is the most affordable form of gold in the market. If you have a moderate budget, 22 KT gold is a good option to buy. This type of gold is the most expensive option available because of its purity.
Purity 75% gold, 25% other metals like Zinc, Copper, etc. 91.6% gold, 8.4% other metals. 99.9% gold.
Hypoallergenic qualities It is the safest gold to wear for those who have allergies. It is more hypoallergenic than pure gold but less than 18 KT. Skin contact with 24 KT gold may trigger allergies in some people.

How is 18 carat gold rate determined?

Before we understand how today’s price of 18 carat gold is calculated, we need to know that it contains 75% pure gold and 25 % metal alloys. If you want the today 18 ct gold rate for a coin that weighs 1 troy ounce (31.1g), multiply the daily price of 24 KT gold by 0.75. In the case that your 18 KTgold jewellery or coins weigh less than a troy ounce, divide the daily price of 1 troy ounce of pure gold by 31.1 to figure the daily price of 24 KT gold per gram. Then, multiply this result by 0.75. After that, multiply this price by the weight of your jewellery or gold coins and you get your answer.


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