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Gold loan EMI calculator on eJOHRI

Your gold jewellery beautifies your look, but it can also be your friend in need. If you’re ever experiencing a financial emergency and need cash quickly, you can get a gold loan on your ornaments. In this way, you will not have to sell your gold, plus, you will get the money you need.

If you’re unsure about taking a loan as you don’t know how much money you will have to pay as EMIs, our free gold loan EMI calculator which is available on our website will help you find this out. It tells you the exact amount you will have to pay every month as EMI if you take a gold loan.

At eJOHRI, you can avail low-interest gold loans from its partner institutions. Apply for gold loan by brand online by visiting the eJOHRI gold loan website. Almost anybody can get a gold loan. The best part about taking an online gold loan by brand is that you require minimum paperwork and documentation

It always good to calculate the EMI for a gold loan before taking the loan. One major benefit of this is that it will help you plan how much money you need to keep aside to pay your EMIs. Our EMI Calculator for gold loans is a very handy tool for everyone applying for a gold loan.

Here’s how the tool will calculate the EMI for a gold loan:

The EMI you have to pay each month depends on several factors. The total loan amount, along with the interest rate and the loan duration determines the EMI amount you will pay. Also, the amount you pay each month depends on the following:

  • Higher loan amount means higher EMI
  • Higher interest rates mean higher EMI
  • Higher loan tenure means lower EMI

Here’s how eJOHRI's online gold loan EMI calculator works:

On eJOHRI we make it very simple for you to check your EMI amount. That’s because we have a gold loan EMI calculator online. Here’s how to use it to calculate your EMI amount.

  • Enter the amount you need
  • Enter your loan duration
  • Enter the interest rate offered by the bank

The tool will automatically calculate the EMI for a gold loan. Try entering different loan durations and interest rates to find an EMI amount that works for you. You can accordingly apply for loans that match these details.

Gold loan interest rate calculator

Getting a loan from eJOHRI is good because you get to choose from many banks. We have partnered with reputable financial institutions to get you the lowest interest rates in the industry. On eJOHRI you can check interest rates from different banks, compare and select the one that suits you best. It is truly your one-stop-shop for gold loans.

The interest rates offered are different for different banks. Most banks offer interest rates starting at 9.99% p.a. up to 24% p.a. If you want to check the current interest rates online, you can easily do so by filling the form at the top of the page.

Once you fill in your details like loan amount, name, pin code and phone number, a list of banks offering gold loans and their interest rates will be displayed.

So, suppose you want a loan for Rs 3 lakhs, eJOHRI will calculate the estimated interest rates (per month) that will be applicable against your amount. This tool will also tell you the minimum amount of 22KT purity gold that you will be required to keep as collateral.

* The gold per gram rate is measured on 22KT purity.

Bank Per Gram (Rs.) Interest Rate (monthly) Tenure (Months) Minimum Gold Required
HDFC ₹ 3059 1.17% 12 months 98.07 gms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can fill-up the form on our website, and enter details like loan amount, name, pin code and phone number. You will then be shown a list of banks and their estimated interest rates per month.

No. Our EMI calculator for gold loans is completely free to use.

A minimum weight of 10 grams gold is required for loan approval.

Some benefits you get with us are

  • Quick disbursal within 1 – 2 hours
  • Doorstep valuation and documentation
  • No hidden charges
  • Many banks to choose from
  • World-class security to keep your jewellery safe

The amount depends on the quality of gold (18KT/22 KT) as well as the amount of gold in weight.