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Jewellery, in India, is not only a way to ornate a woman but is also a part of our rich culture and historical heritage. When an Indian woman wears an ornament, it is to showcase her faith or relationships. Our traditional jewellery designs have been around since antiquity, and are still evolving and being adorned by women across the country. You’ll see these popular choices at weddings, or ceremonies, festivals and even worn casually on a regular basis. While traditional pieces have taken on a modern look to suit today’s woman, the essence of the design and intention remains intact.

Traditional Jewellery Designs at eJOHRI

We aim to serve an amalgamation of tradition and wear-ability, so that today’s women can enjoy and experience their culture.


Here, you’ll find several types of silver and gold jewellery. Their collection of traditional earrings is second to none. You will find traditional ‘sui dhaaga’ earrings, with stunning chains, and beautiful ornamentation at the end. You can even opt for studs, intricately carved into floral, paisley or cut-out motifs, with filigree at the end. They also have ceremonial earrings, in lustrous gold, decorated with enchanting enamel designs. From elegant hoops to classic jhumkas, you’ll find something for everyone.

Necklaces and Pendants:

Here, you’ll be able to select from several types of jewellery, be it Kundan, Polki, Thewa, or Temple jewellery. Ornaments made from these materials are especially preferred by Indian brides, for their wedding day, and have even become an integral part of her bridal trousseau. When it comes to traditional necklace and pendants, you can’t go wrong with us. Whether you’re looking for resplendent chokers or antique tiered necklaces, you’ll find it all. The necklaces, in shining gold or silver, are embossed with gemstones and enhanced with filigree. The pendants, themselves serve as statement pieces, with intricate carvings and ornate designs.

Rings and Mangalsutras:

When it comes to bridal jewellery, a must-have are rings. Here, you’ll find a vast collection of rings, in classical shapes. Whether it is classic engraved rings, with a thicker band for men, or delicate wavy rings for women, you will find it here. These ornaments are perfect for elevating your ring ceremony to another level. And, of course, most Hindu weddings are incomplete without mangalsutras. You can also peruse from several patterns of mangalsutras, and pick the one which is best for you. You can opt for shorter, simpler designs for regular wear or for a professional setting, or even longer fancier pieces for special occasions.


Bangles are also an important part of bridal jewellery; be it the North Indian ‘chuda’ or ‘kada’, or the South Indian ‘Valayal’ or ‘gajina bale’. At Valayal you can look at several bangle shapes and choose something that suits you. You can opt for a pair of traditional bangles with texture and twisted shape, or even dazzling enamel bangles embossed with patterns. You can even find opulent bangles, engraved with vintage patterns, to add that touch of grandeur to your look. Traditional Jewellery Online Shopping at eJOHRI Here, you get the unique opportunity of browsing through a vast collection of gold and silver jewellery. If you’re looking to purchase traditional jewellery online, then you can find vintage and antique pieces at eJOHRI. You’ll also be able to look at rare pieces that aren’t available elsewhere. Shopping for traditional jewellery online is made extremely easy with us, due to its secure payment portal and excellent customer service. You can also avail of free shipping service along with cash on delivery for purchases over INR 20,000. Apart from that, you can buy high quality traditional jewellery online, with eJOHRI, and will also receive hallmarked and certified ornaments.

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