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Flowers are often considered to be an icon of feminine beauty and elegance. With their lovely colours and graceful shapes; they make the perfect motif for jewellery making. Flowers have been making an appearance in ornamental designs since ancient eras. In fact, there was a time when fresh flowers were worn as ornaments, in the form of garlands. With modern times, the image is heavily featured in ornaments using creative techniques. Here, you will find a vast collection of floral jewellery, suitable for every occasion.

Traditional Floral Designs:

eJOHRI carries several pieces of floral jewellery, in traditional patterns, that can be worn during weddings, festivals and even fancy functions. You can find exquisite necklaces here, whether they are dazzling gold chokers with floral drops or even ones with tassels. These necklaces also come with matching floral real gold earrings, which dangle gracefully from your ears. Apart from these, you can also buy studs, engraved with flowery motifs, made from lustrous gold. The textured nature of these gold jewellery pieces give you a royal look. For those special wedding or even as bridal jewellery, you can choose a pair of ceremonial floral earrings, which will add grandeur and opulence to the event. You can also opt for floral real gold pendants, which can work beautifully as a statement piece. These textured enamelled pendants for girls can completely spruce up your look. If you’re looking for challahs, then you’ll find several pieces, whether in gold or even in oxidized silver. These are also decorated with floral cut-outs and look very beautiful on a woman. When you buy floral jewellery online with them, you can find ornaments that will make you shine.

Modern Floral Designs:

You can also find modern jewellery designs that have evolved with changing styles. These pieces of jewellery work perfectly for the modern woman. You can find chic jewellery pieces made in silver or even diamonds, to add that touch of glamour to a cocktail gown or even formal evening wear. These glittering floral necklaces and sets will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. And when it comes to pieces for regular use, then they carry those, as well. You’ll find dainty earrings, which will blend seamlessly into your work wardrobe. You can opt for floral studs, or even statement earrings with tassels, and bead work. For your wrists, you’ll also find bangles. These bangles come with slim bands, and elegant cut-outs for a sophisticated look. They are embellished with floral work to give it a fresh and contemporary look. For ring choices, you can browse through a wide range of floral rings, whether you’re searching for a thick band, studded with sparkling diamonds, or a more subtle and simple piece with a slim band. You can find pieces that are unique to you when you buy floral jewellery online with them.

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Floral jewellery online shopping is made very convenient with eJOHRI. Not only can you shop for floral jewellery online 24 x 7, but you can also select pieces from their vast gold and silver jewellery collection. When you shop for floral jewellery online there, you’ll find pieces that aren’t available at other outlets. They also have an extremely secure payment portal and great customer service to be there with you during your jewellery shopping experience. You can also avail services like free shipping and the cash on delivery feature for jewellery purchases above INR 20,000. You’ll get hallmarked and certified pieces so you can expect the best quality.