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Weddings are a huge celebration all around the world. However, in India, weddings are revered and celebrated on a whole other level. The wedding functions and ceremonies have a deep spiritual significance. Wedding functions across India are also different depending on the diverse culture of the country. Brides from all the different cultures have one thing in common, which is wedding jewellery. While shopping for wedding jewellery online, you can find several pieces from our vast silver and gold jewellery collection.

Wedding Jewellery Designs for Necklaces:

Necklaces are an essential ornament for brides as well as newly married women. These ornaments add opulence and sheen to any bridal outfit. Here, you’ll find stunning necklaces and chokers in traditional patterns. These bridal jewellery pieces are made from the most lustrous gold, and have intricate carving, patterns, and are embellished with beautiful gemstones. While you’ll find classic pieces in Kundan, Polki or even Thewa, you can also opt for modern motifs with fresher patterns. These wedding jewellery designs also include pendants specially designed as statement pieces to add grandeur to your bridal look.

Wedding Jewellery Designs for Earrings:

You can find glorious earrings. Some earrings are included with necklaces, as part of wedding jewellery sets, whereas others are sold separately. Whichever option you go for, you’ll be spoilt for choices. You can opt for luxurious jhumkas, complete with filigree work and studded with stones and diamonds. These pieces will add that splendour to your marriage day. You can even choose smaller earrings, like studs for a more elegant and subtle look. These studs are also engraved with ornate patterns and motifs like flowers and birds. These earrings can are often decorated with tassels and enamel for a polished look.

Wedding Jewellery Designs for Bangles:

As we know that the bangle is an important part of the bridal trousseau and features heavily in a lot of the ceremonies, as well. You will find a vast collection of bangles, be it the Maharashtrian ‘bangdi’, the Punjabi ‘chura’ or even the ‘gajina bale’ from Karnataka. These bangles are made from dazzling gold and adorned with precious gemstones and diamonds. They come in thick bands for a more royal look and also in slimmer varieties for layering and subtlety. They’re also textured and are embossed with patterns and swirls for an amazing aesthetic effect.

Wedding Jewellery Designs for Rings and Maang Tikkas:

Rings are an obvious piece of jewellery exchanged at weddings. At eJOHRI you’ll find a plethora of ring options to choose from. Whether you want a slim, sophisticated band for a classy look or large, heavy pieces with cut-outs for a fancier feel, you’ll definitely find something perfect for you. When it comes to maang tikkas, then you’ll find those, as well. These ornaments are very important for weddings of almost all cultures, and you can find fabulous designs in gold, silver and diamond to suit your style.

Wedding Jewellery Online Shopping at eJOHRI

When it comes to wedding jewellery online shopping, you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. They have a vast collection of gold and silver jewellery, which you can browse through 24 x 7. You can purchase pieces that aren’t available at other outlets, and do so from the comfort of your home. When you buy wedding jewellery online, with them, your experience will be safe because of their secure payment portal and even their customer service, which is excellent. Their products are also hallmarked and certified, so you know you’re getting pieces of the best quality. When you buy wedding jewellery online with them, you can avail of other convenient services. You get free shipping and also cash on delivery if your purchases are over INR 20,000.

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