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Engagement Ring Designs at eJOHRI

Engagement Jewellery is meant to be beautiful and emotional. Our collection of engagement rings is all that and more. We have a collection of platinum, gold, and silver engagement ring designs. Geometric designs with twirls and nature-inspired patterns. With leaves made of diamonds and divine solitaires and insert rings in gold you can get everything that you desire for your proposal.

Platinum Engagement Ring Designs

Platinum jewellery is the ultimate symbol of commitment to love and togetherness. Our platinum engagement ring designs represent the rich love that an engagement brings into your life. From platinum eternity and princess rings with gorgeous diamonds to simple platinum promise bands. Our platinum engagement ring designs come in two and three tones with rose gold and gold highlights to contrast with the precious white toned metal and diamonds.

Gold Engagement Ring Designs

Gold rings are the perfect engagement jewellery if you are looking for something a little more traditional look. It looks great with churidar kurtas and sarees. Gold jewellery with glittering diamonds makes for a stunning ring with a perfect contrast of yellow gold against bright white diamonds. Gold has long been appreciated and symbolises wealth, prosperity in Indian culture. You can choose from a variety of engagement ring designs. Whether you desire a cluster of diamonds or a sole solitaire eJOHRI has an endless collection of rings. The patterns are filled with curves or tiara insert rings that come together to make a captivating whole, just like two lovers coming together to make a whole new life. Our gold engagement ring designs come with different cuts of diamonds, princess cut, emerald cut and more, so you can choose the piece your loved one dreams of. We also have a selection for men ranging from simple bands to grand designs.

Buy Engagement Rings Online at eJOHRI

Gifting jewellery to your loved ones is a gesture of love, care, and commitment towards them. At eJOHRI, we understand that and make sure that our collection of engagement ring designs caters to every individual and couple’s desire. So that you can find your dream piece and buy engagement rings online. At eJOHRI, our pieces are for both men and women. Whether you wish to flaunt some traditional chunky jewellery or intricate modern patterns, we make sure that there is something for everyone. When you buy engagement rings online from our online store, you not only get a wide variety but are also at peace since you can return the items within seven days of delivery. Since your engagement is such an important milestone, we understand that you may want to see the jewellery in person. You can schedule an appointment at our jewellery store and get the jewels of your choice in a safe and comfortable manner.

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